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The Deviniti team consists of software engineers and certified cloud solution architects for whom assistance in optimizing and supporting the development of business partners is the key to success. We provide services based on modern technologies such as microservices, containers, and process automation as part of the DevOps methodology.
Our experts can help in the effective design, implementation, and maintenance of dedicated environments based on the cloud platform, providing several benefits.

Cost savings

Cloud platforms follow the „pay-as-you-go” model which allows reducing all infrastructure expenses to the minimum. You only pay for the resources that were actually used in the implementation of your project. When you stop using a specific service or resource, no additional fees are charged, and expenses may be significantly lower than your local infrastructure. That allows for flexible development and scaling of projects. From now on, dynamics is no longer an obstacle to development, and cloud solutions will perfectly adapt to your needs.

Saving resources

Complex infrastructures require the employment of qualified staff who will oversee the monitoring, security, and updates of all components. Using services provided by cloud platforms enables the automation of these processes. Savings resulting from the scalability of cloud solutions allow for greater freedom in development, at the same time eliminating potential gaps in resources and the need to expand teams.


The mechanism of flexible allocation of resources (by scaling during peak traffic and scaling back in periods of regular consumption) brings additional savings and can significantly impact the overall performance of the organization. The cloud is a synonym of flexibility, which is today needed more than ever in the development of any company. Thanks to such solutions, you can look ahead and develop our business without any worries.


Broad configuration possibilities allow achieving the highest level of infrastructure security and all resources sent to the cloud platform. We can choose from a range of services that ensure safety at the required level, without the need to purchase additional services or equipment. The trust of clients and business partners must be based on a solid foundation. Cloud-based security level matches those requirements, letting everyone sleep peacefully without worrying about the potential risk of data theft or loss.


Cloud-based services provide rapid data recovery for all types of emergencies – from natural disasters to power outages. Several dedicated security mechanisms allow reducing periods of possible downtime to a minimum. Thanks to the cloud technology which allows for multidimensional information storage, data security is guaranteed from the very beginning of operations. In the event of an emergency, your data may be available in a fraction of a second from a different location. Don’t take the risk – thanks to cloud solutions, you and your customers can feel protected.


The use of services compatible with the DevOps model and provided by cloud platforms optimize the entire process of software development. The goal is to increase the efficiency of production and implementation of new products and services, reduce production and maintenance costs, and shorten the time limits for introducing products and services to the market. Automation is the accelerator of every company’s development. In the cloud, you have full control over everything important to you and your business. You can calmly think about development because automation based on cloud solutions guarantees total safety and security.